Pre-Sales Services

Pre-sale Services help you assess the benefits and risks of Advanced Planning and Scheduling technology before purchase.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Seminar

The Waterloo Manufacturing Software Advanced Planning and Scheduling seminar provides you the opportunity to quickly assess the potential of the technology for your operations.
The seminar reviews Advanced Planning and Scheduling:

  • Concepts
  • Typical problems addressed
  • Quantifiable benefits achieved
  • Organizational change required
  • Costs
  • Data needs
  • Implementation project plans

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Workshop

The Waterloo Manufacturing Software Advanced Planning and Scheduling workshop is delivered by a Waterloo Manufacturing Software consultant or partner. The Workshop shows you and your management team how TACTIC can be used to help solve your specific business problems using a set of your actual business data.
Workshop steps include:

  • Interviewing stakeholders, current schedulers, and potential TACTIC users to understand your current problems, goals and objectives, existing planning and scheduling methods, and data availability.
  • Obtaining a sample of your data appropriate for planning and scheduling.
  • Using your data set to build and test a prototype TACTIC scheduling model.
  • Demonstrating TACTIC using the prototype scheduling model.  Showing how TACTIC can be used in day-to-day operation to address your problems and to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Creating and presenting a data plan which identifies data inflows necessary to support TACTIC on an ongoing basis as well as data outflows to your other systems.
  • Creating and presenting a customized preliminary TACTIC implementation plan.
  • Proposing how TACTIC might be best configured in your environment.
  • Developing a justification for TACTIC at your company.