Shows Typical TACTIC Production Scheduling Software LAN Configuration with Different TACTIC Modules

TACTIC Installation

You can install TACTIC on servers, or individual personal computers either operating stand-alone or as part of a local or wide area network. Individual personal computer installs can access data stored on servers.

TACTIC Modules

TACTIC provides a central database of inventory, capabilities, requirements, schedule, and status data. Team members can access this database via the following password controlled modules:

  • TACTIC Scheduling Modules
  • TACTIC Viewing Modules
  • TACTIC Order Promising Modules
  • TACTIC Shop Floor Modules

TACTIC Scheduling Modules users can modify data (e.g. through manual entry or through transfer from a business system), reschedule to see any adverse effects, and try what-if ideas to resolve any problems. What-if schedules can be saved for others to review (e.g. View Module users). Once problems are resolved and a course of action determined, the scheduling module user can immediately change the shop floor to-do list for the effected machines, and electronically transfer schedules to the appropriate shop floor module users.

TACTIC Viewing Module users can use the schedule data to answer status questions, try their what-if ideas, and print reports. TACTIC Order Promising Module users can use schedule data to promise delivery for new orders, and to evaluate change orders prior to acceptance. TACTIC Shop Floor Module users can view schedule data created for the shop floor. As shop floor production occurs and unforeseen shop floor changes occur, Shop Floor module users can report this information into TACTIC.