Waterloo Manufacturing Software's technical consultants and consulting partners provide a number of pre-sale and post-sale services for our TACTIC advanced planning and scheduling software. These services are meant to help you both asses the technology and to get ever-increasing value from its use in your operations.

Pre-sale Services

Pre-sale Services help you assess the benefits and risks of Advanced Planning and Scheduling technology before purchase.

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Post-sale Services

Post-sale support services help ensure you achieve continuing value from TACTIC software after purchase.

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Pre-Sales Services for TACTIC Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Pre-sale Services help you to assess the benefits and risks of Waterloo's Advanced Planning and Scheduling technology before purchase to insure maximized benefits and ROI.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Seminar

The Waterloo Manufacturing Software Advanced Planning and Scheduling seminar provides you the opportunity to quickly assess the potential of the technology for your manufacturing and production operations.

The seminar reviews Advanced Planning and Scheduling details such as:

  • Concepts
  • Typical problems addressed
  • Quantifiable benefits achieved
  • Organizational change required
  • Costs
  • Data needs
  • Implementation project plans

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Workshop

The Waterloo Manufacturing Software Advanced Planning and Scheduling workshop is delivered by a Waterloo Manufacturing Software consultant or partner. The Workshop shows you and your management team how TACTIC software can be used to help solve your specific business problems using a set of your actual business data.

Workshop steps include:

  • Interviewing stakeholders, current schedulers, and potential TACTIC users to understand your current problems, goals and objectives, existing planning and scheduling methods, and data availability.
  • Obtaining a sample of your data appropriate for planning and scheduling.
  • Using your data set to build and test a prototype TACTIC scheduling model.
  • Demonstrating TACTIC using the prototype scheduling model.  Showing how TACTIC can be used in day-to-day operation to address your problems and to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Creating and presenting a data plan which identifies data inflows necessary to support TACTIC on an ongoing basis as well as data outflows to your other systems.
  • Creating and presenting a customized preliminary TACTIC implementation plan.
  • Proposing how TACTIC might be best configured in your environment.
  • Developing a justification for TACTIC at your company.

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Post-Sales Services for TACTIC Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Support services help to ensure that your business achieves continuing value from TACTIC software after purchase. These include:

Consulting Services for TACTIC

Waterloo Manufacturing Software and its partners offer a wide range of customer specific, on-site or off-site Consulting Services. While customers can often implement our TACTIC software without on-site assistance, Consulting Services can help speed an initial TACTIC implementation and extend the scope of an existing TACTIC implementation.

Typical consulting tasks might include help:

  • Developing or refining a TACTIC implementation plan
  • Drafting a plan to provide TACTIC data
  • Specifying, creating, and / or debugging integrations with other software systems
  • Creating custom TACTIC reports
  • Developing custom TACTIC scheduling rules
  • Writing documentation including procedures for day-to-day TACTIC use

Product Training for TACTIC Software

Waterloo offers both general and application-specific training for TACTIC. The courses provide hands-on education about the application, use and management of TACTIC’s advanced planning and scheduling features. The courses are specifically designed for manufacturing planning and scheduling professionals who will be using, or directly supporting, TACTIC. Training can help new TACTIC users, current users needing to refresh their TACTIC skills, or veteran users wanting to extend their use of TACTIC’s advanced planning & scheduling features.

General training uses representative manufacturing data and problems. This course can be conducted at your site or at other facilities. While a course outline is typically used, the content of this course can vary somewhat to fit the specific planning and scheduling needs of the attendees.

Application-specific training is conducted using your actual or simulated company data, and is directed to your specific manufacturing problems. This course is most often conducted at your site and is frequently a step in a TACTIC implementation plan.

TACTIC Software Telephone Support

Waterloo Manufacturing Software offers telephone support through the annual TACTIC maintenance program for our advance planning and scheduling software clients. Telephone support is often used to provide immediate answers to specific TACTIC installation, implementation, and application questions. New TACTIC users may use this service as they become familiar with applying TACTIC to their problems. More experienced TACTIC users may use this service as they apply TACTIC in unique ways.

TACTIC Remote Operation Support

Waterloo offers remote operation support through on-line collaboration software tools. These software tools allow our software consultants to both demonstrate software concepts on their computers and to operate the TACTIC system on your computers remotely. Remote Operation Support may be offered in conjunction with Telephone Support, or as a mechanism to deliver Consulting Services in a timelier or more cost effective manner.

Planning and Scheduling Software Product Enhancements

Enhancing the capabilities of TACTIC advance planning/scheduling software and its documentation is an ongoing activity. Software enhancements are released periodically as updated versions of the software. Documentation enhancements are released periodically as updated versions of the user's manual. Enhancements are available to registered users as part of the TACTIC Software Maintenance program. In addition, authorized new users can download the software and documentation for new installations. Product Enhancements are accessed via the Login section of the Waterloo Manufacturing Software website.

The best way to understand the value, features and benefits of Waterloo’s advanced planning & scheduling software for your manufacturing or production operations is to see it in action! Request a FREE demo, ask for a consultant call, or simply sign-up for our email messages from time to time by completing the short form here.