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Our Services

Waterloo Manufacturing Software technical consultants and consulting partners provide a number of pre-sale and post-sale services for TACTIC. These services are meant to help you both asses the technology and to get ever-increasing value from its use.

Pre-sale Services

Pre-sale Services help you assess the benefits and risks of Advanced Planning and Scheduling technology before purchase.

They include:

  • Seminars – to introduce your management team to the concepts of Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Workshops – to show your management team the use and benefit of TACTIC using your sample data while
    addressing your business problems


Post-sale Services

Post-sale support services help ensure you achieve continuing value from TACTIC after purchase.

They include:

  • Consulting Services – delivered on-site or remotely, assist implementing and expanding the use of TACTIC
  • Product Training – hands-on training for new and experienced users
  • Telephone Support – immediate answers to specific feature, application, and implementation questions
  • Remote Support – uses on-line software collaboration tools to demonstrate the use of specific features and
    to deliver Consulting Services
  • Enhancements – upgrades to the software to include new and expanded features