ARE YOU LOOKING TO CHANGE THE GAME AND GET A LEG UP ON YOUR COMPETITORS? Consider Web Enabled Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Download a white paper on using Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software and the Web to improve customer responsiveness

Today’s competitive environment is brutal. With many markets still shrinking, the only way to maintain or grow sales is to take business from competitors. But your competitors are trying to do the same thing to you. The easy way out is to cut prices, but are you caught in a spiral of price reductions and wondering when it will end?

How Can You Differentiate to Maintain Margins while Winning More Business?

The key to growth in today’s highly competitive environment is to offer more value in unique ways. Information is inherently valuable when it helps your customers make better business decisions that enhance their profitability. The Internet / Web is an incredibly effective and efficient mechanism for delivering information. How can you harness the Web to provide valuable information to your customers?

Web Enabled Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Generates Information that Your Customers Will Pay For

Advanced Production Scheduling Software (APS) can give you visibility into what will happen in your operations. APS gives:

  • Accurate projected finish dates prior to order acceptance
  • Updated scheduled finish dates when customers make order changes or when plant conditions vary.
  • Continuous status information on in process orders

Whenever and wherever there is Internet access, Web enabled APS makes this information instantaneously available to customer service reps, sales staff, and even customers themselves.

Download a white paper on using Web enabled Advanced Planning and Scheduling to improve customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge


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